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How I get my hair pale blonde/silver/white

Been getting asked lots about the bleaching process I use to get my hair very pale blonde/silvery white since I posted that last photo of myself. Just makes it easier to put it here than to reply to everyone!

 The main question I am getting is “how do I bleach hair to white?” Never, ever, bleach your hair to white guys! Bleach to the colour of the inside of a banana, pale yellow. Then get a good (non peroxide if you’ve bleached in the last 4 weeks) toner to use after. I usually use Bonacure silver shampoo and leave it on my hair for about 10 minutes (longer if I need to). Sometimes I use Directions Silver as a toner, but I find buying a silvering shampoo is more cost effective. Hope that helps anyone who wants to know! :)

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